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We're driving a digital transformation of transportation and mining.

Wabtec combines decades of industrial leadership with cutting-edge software and digital technologies to create an efficient, productive and reliable transportation ecosystem.

We help railroads, shippers, miners, ports and terminals unlock productivity, advance sustainability, and create pathways to optimized operations while enhancing safety.

Unlock productivity

Increase asset utilization. Reduce fuel consumption. Increase labor efficiency.

Advance sustainability

Reduce GHG emissions. Increase energy efficiency.

Optimize operations

Maximize visibility and throughput for efficient operations.

Enhance safety

Advance safety on the mainline. Enhance safety at crossings.

Our Solutions Portfolio

Save fuel and reduce emissions. Improve train handling. Increase situational awareness. And enhance train automation

Proactively inspect and monitor the health of rolling stock assets. Scale reliability and availability across your fleet.

Enhance the safety of train movement and optimize the flow of traffic.

Increase train hauling capacity by enabling longer, heavier trains. Improve productivity at yards and mainline using remote control.

Optimize railroad day-of-operations from planning through execution.

Automate and track railcar movements and switching operations. Gain visibility to rail assets – on the mainline and at ports.

Achieve new heights of operational performance. From brake systems to alternators, our solutions help to maximize results.

Improve efficiency and productivity while enabling safer mining practices with advanced software and analytics solutions.

Making the rail industry more efficient and sustainable is at the heart of what we do.

Watch to learn how our digital technologies are enabling railroads to incrementally scale fuel savings to meet their operational and environmental goals.
Articles & White Papers

The Digital Difference

The Path to Fuel Optimization in Freight Rail

To help railroads realize the benefits of fuel optimization through digital solutions, Wabtec developed a framework that enables a phased approach with sequential steps. Discover how Wabtec’s digital technologies are enabling railroads to incrementally scale fuel savings to meet their operational and environmental goals.

Powering Sustainable Rail: An Insider’s Look at the Evolution of Trip Optimizer™

It all started in 2005. A research and development team was working on the concept of a battery-electric locomotive. To support this effort, a group of engineers was studying driving patterns of train operators to understand what it would take to charge and discharge a battery-operated locomotive. In doing so, they discovered that there was an enormous amount of variation between one operator and the next. The recognition of this variation in driving patterns had two impacts: First, it made the regenerative braking models...

Smart HPT: A Brilliant Way to Save Fuel and Reduce Emissions

In the journey to higher levels of fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions, control of horsepower per ton (HPT) is essential Here’s why: Horsepower demands vary based on train make-up, terrain, and other operating conditions. When railroads build trains, they need to make sure that they have enough locomotive power to get over the steepest grade (ruling grade) on the route. What typically happens, however, is that the ruling grade is just one small segment of an entire trip...

Next Generation Distributed Power: Activating the Future of Freight Rail Through Enhanced Communications

Wabtec’s LOCOTROL® Distributed Power system was launched over fifty years ago and during that time has become the leading control and communication system, enabling coordinated braking and traction power distribution between lead and remote locomotives on over 21,000 locomotives in 17 countries. The LOCOTROL system has the unique distinction of enabling the operation of the world’s longest and heaviest train – approx. 4.5 miles (7.3 kilometers) long, weighing 99,732 tons, with 8 locomotives hauling 682 ore cars...

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